Python Django International Corporate Training

Django is an open-source web application framework and a popular way of building the three-tiered architecture for web applications which was written in Python Language. Django was mainly developed to solve the complex database-driven websites and to create web application framework with Django functionality. Python Django is popular and freely available and offers lightweight, yet robust and secure web applications.

Skill PTP provides python Django international corporate training helps you gain skills in Django REST framework, Django AJAX, Django jQuery, Django Models etc. You'll surely get proficiency in Python Django web framework while working on real-time use cases and receive Django certification at the end of the course.

This international Django training will cover both the basics and the advanced concepts training starting from writing Python scripts, developing file operations in Python, developing with Databases, creating Views, Templates, Forms, Models and REST APIs in Python Django.

Python Django international training what you will learn!

- Overview of Python.

- Introduction to python Django.

- Overview and creating app Starting Virtual Environment Django Project.

- Covering every aspect of this framework from A to Z.

- Sequences and File Operations.

- Deep Dive - Functions, Sorting, Errors and Exception, Packages, URL Mapping/ URL Dispatcher, and Filters.

- Object-Oriented Programming in Python.

- Debugging, Databases and Project Structure.

- OIntroduction to Django Web Framework.

- Models, Migrations and Dynamic Web Pages.

- Serialization.

- Parsing XML and JSON with Python.

- Understanding and using every component that is used in this framework.

- Understanding the programming concepts of the popular Python language and how to write reusable and maintainable code.

- Understanding The fundamentals of the relational database server MySQL.

Why Choose Us:

We understand the importance of placement and provide best placements to students. Our training certificate provides the right experience excellence to the students. Students get the best experience through by experimenting with their ideas by providing facilitate them with the real company work environment.

Prerequisites Knowledge of:

- Knowledge of basic programming concepts.

- Knowledge of object-oriented concepts.

- Knowledge of database concepts.

- Basic Programming knowledge and HTML is enough.

Eligibility Required:

- Full Stack Developers.

- Web Programmer.

- UI Developers and Technical Leads.

- Technical Project Managers.

- Fresher’s seeking for a job in IT sector.

- Programmers who are looking to make it big in IT sector.

- Coders who are looking to add on to their existing knowledge to improve their skill set.

- Aspirants those who are willing to learn python Django.

Training Mode:

- Onsite - At Your premises.

- Offsite- At Our premises - Ahmadabad, Gujarat State.

- Online- By e-learning.

This Training is designed for foreigners for online, offsite at India, and onsite at the client location. For offsite at India, we will take care everything including their Accommodation and food also free support till they do not achieve his goal. Totally customize courseware as per client requirement.

Price Admitting(@3, 4 & 5 Star Hotels):

- Pre-course technical evaluation and baseline training.

- Hands-on classroom training at the same hotel.

- Single occupancy room in Hotels.

- Free Wi-Fi Internet in the training centre and at Hotel premises.

- Airport pick and drop.

- Breakfast, Lunch.

- City Tour and Shopping.

- One month’s after-course usability reinforcement.

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Skill PTP certifies you as 'Python Django Expert' based on your project performance, reviewed by our expert panel. To become an expert as a python Django developer call us at (079) 26400298/698 or Inquiry now

What you will get

  • 1-on-1 Live Training

    Dedicated customized live learning at your own schedule.

  • Practical Based

    Focus in a way that will help you clear the base concept.

  • Beginner to Advanced

    No prior experience is required, you will be trained from scratch.

  • Course Duration

    Approximately It will take about 1-3 months for you to learn.

  • Work Certificate

    Earn an experience work certificate upon completion.

  • Language

    Anyone you like to go with English, Hindi, Gujarati etc.

Global accreditations