Make a Career In Information Technology

In this era of recession it is important to choose a right career for the right candidate. People get confused over different fields where to go and where not to go. It is faced by all the fresher. Making a good career is difficult task. One has to analyze all the factors before opting for any particular option.

The important factors to analyze are,

1) Level of Interest

2) Capacity

3) Market scenario

One has to check the interest level in the particular option. Whether it is fun loving work or a person does not like but because of pressure he selected the particular option. He must have to clear about his choices. No other can recommend at this time. It is the time when one has to select on their own.

Capacity is something which affected the ability of the person to do work in the particular field. Whether he is intelligent enough to go into the particular field or he could not.

One has to check market scenario of their own skills. Whether their skills have demand in the market or not. If demand prevails for their skills then he can select the particular option.

Growing Sectors

In the current scenario sectors like Information technology, telecom, healthcare, infrastructure, retail etc. Choosing a right sector is most important. Information technology is one of the best India's growing sector. It is a sunshine sector in India. It has boosted Indian economy. It has set to touch $225 billion by 2020.It is known as I.T. sector in India.

Why I.T. Field Is A Great Career Choice?

It is a booming sector of India. It has generated 2.5 Million direct employment in India. Any other sector is far behind in employment providing. This sector has increased its contribution to India's GDP from 1.2 % in 1999 stadly increase to 7.5% in 2012.India's current Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduce "Digital India" to support I.T. industry. Bangalore city is known as I.T. hub in India. Major I.T. companies Infosys, Mindtree and Wipro. It has over 5000 I.T. companies which is major contributor in Indian I.T. sector. Other cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmadabad.

It is predicted to experience a 2.19% annual employment growth which is an estimated 26% increase in the total number of jobs in the sector from 2010 to 2020. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics software developers are predicted to enjoy a 30% increase in jobs. While Network and Computer Systems Administration are expected to see a 28% growth in Jobs./

This graph shows the situation from 1991 to 2015.Over the duration of 15 years we can see that growth rate of I.T. has increased over this duration. Revenue has increased over the time

Other Factors Which Influence To Pursue I.T. As A Career

1) Low cost education.

2) Growing Industry

3) Good income

What I.T. Includes

IT is the broad subject concerned with all aspects of managing and processing information, especially within a large organization or company .Any equipment or interconnected system, or sub system of equipment that is used in automatic acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, or reception of information. The term information technology includes computers, ancillary equipments, software, firmware and similar process, services and related resources.

Who Can Opt For I.T

Students who have interest in computers and technology can opt for I.T. One who has good knowledge about computers and having clear logic about calculations. Who want to change their field and want to enter into I.T. it is not a barrier for them. It has feature of free entry and free exit. Nowadays people are moving towards I.T. as it has growth opportunities and better income. Job opportunities are more comparing to other sectors.

Major Courses:

1) BCA - MCA

2) BE - ME

3) B.Tech - M.Tech

4)Diploma courses.

These are the major courses in India. But academic education is not enough in today's world. One should get practical knowledge along with academic knowledge, then he is able to compete in the market.

What Are The Problems Faced By I.T. Fresher?

1) Too much dependency on foreign projects.

2)Lack of suitable domestic projects.

3)Lack of job security.

4)High level of politics.

5)Limited options to switch career path.

6)Bad quality education.

7)Indian I.T. industry is involving repetitive work of testing support and administrative.

8)Not having proper designing and programming skills.

These all problems can be solved if good engineers are developed in India. Quality of education is diminishing. One has to be logical rather than just be repetitive. One has to develop good programming and designing skills. Then we can increase the level of domestic I.T. projects.

Benefits To Enter Into I.T. Sector.

1)Better career and compensation.

2)Interesting work get better rating.

3)Updated on the technology front.

4)Informal work environment.

5)Social grooming.

6)Booming in India.

7)off Weekends.

8)Technical skill development.

Necessary I.T skills required to achieve wonders in I.T.

1)Programming and application development.

2)Project management.

3)Technical support.

4)Security governance.

5)Web development.

6)Database administration

7)Business intelligence.



I.T. In Everyday Life.

To learn Information Technology is necessary for day to day life. In simple terms to understand how information passes from one desk to another is data processing from one place to another. Which include information technology to know the system well.

For an instance, one is going to bank to deposit money. first he go the counter and collect the slip of depositing money then he enter his full detail and fill up the money denominations that he want to deposit then go to the another counter and submit money along with slip and the recipient verify the details and signature then he asked the party to go the manager for authorization. After manager authorize the deposit his money will be deposited within particular time so this is how information passes from one table to another and how it works in normal day to day life.

So, it is necessary to learn I.T. to live day to day life better.

I.T as a service Sector

One should work for their nation also. He is liable towards the betterment of society and the nation. He must provide his services with eyes on society and the nations it means he should consider them before taking any major decisions.

I.T. plays the prime role in Information processing, storage, and access with a view to providing improved services to consumer.

Financial services has been the major user of I.T. Optimal fiber, packet switching transmission, CD- ROM capacity of 1.6 GB data storage has been major achievement.

Use of multimedia for storage of texts, graphics, videos, sounds etc. ATMs, virtual banks, net banking, Electronic Fund Transfer at Point of Sale, Smart card, Electronic data interchange, Image processing, Expert system etc have been major I.T. revolution.

Government Support To I.T.

The government of India declared 2010-2020 as the "Decade of Innovation" for which roadmap would be prepared by the newly established National Innovation Council to boost performance of I.T. The science, technology, and innovation policies 2013 outlines the major policy initiatives to strengthen the innovative ecosystem.

I.T. Has Largest Scope To Make A Career..

There are variety of jobs available in I.T. There are number of posts available in I.T. Various departments for an instance, Computer system, software servers, computer networking , network security etc.

Degree programs in I.T. range from associate to doctorate include courses like computer science, computer engineering, programming as well as business courses such as marketing and management.

I.T. professionals can go to variety of career as I.T. managers, I.T. project managers, I.T. directors, chief technical officers, chief information officers. These positions are on top at below level there exist number of positions to earn livelihood.

Job opportunities for computer Information System is expected to increase by 15% between 2004 to 2014

From this graph we can say that Market size of I.T. has increased over the years.

India's I.T. revenue has increased to U.S. $160 in Fiscal year 2016 from U.S. $ 146.5 billion in 2015 approximately 9.2% growth rate is notify.

Contribution of I.T. in India's GDP rose to 9.5% 2016 to 1.2% in 2015.

TCS is a market leader 10.4% of contribution in total I.T revenue.

Top 5 I.T. companies has contributed 25% in total I.T. revenue of India.

Future Of I.T

Future of I.T is secured in India. We are living in India where technology is a crucial requirement of humanity. We are used to with the advancement of technology that we employ its sources in our day to day life. It is clear that we are dependent for computers for everything we do and it has made our life easier and comfortable. This sector has major contributor in the growth of our economy. This industry has emerged as a asset to Indian economy in the recent years.

With the advancement of technology the industry has made itself compatible with newest innovations. In the 90's this industry was not common in India but with the new innovations and owing to the fact that it support global factors this industry has boomed.

Youngsters are attracted towards this industry as it has bright future and higher perks. Moreover cities like Bangalore, Chennai, pune, Mumbai, Delhi are proved as I.T. capital of India. Bangalore a silicon valley of India has contributed major exports of I.T. services in India. Major I.T. companies are Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Wipro, Infosys, HCL, Cognizant.

India is producing qualified engineers day by day which is a major benefited over China. Product development is quite weak in India however situation is going to change in coming years. Innovation is key development factor in this field.

The Indian I.T. market is currently providing low cost solutions in the service business of global I.T. U.S. giants that outsource their work to India are not providing high end projects but Some Indian parties have enough competence to complete these projects.

So, overall I.T. sector is booming and highly recommended for a good career.

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