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FullStack with Python

Frontend and Backed Development
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Course Level: Beginner to Advanced
Course Duration: 1 to 3 Months | Approximately
Training Days: Flexible Schedule (Monday-Friday)
Training Time: 1 Session / Day (45min-1hr)
Course Mode: Dedicated Virtual class (Online)
Course Type: Skill Oriented Customised Training
Course Start On: On Registration | Within 5 working days
Class Size: 1 to 1 | No Groups | No Batch


  • Customized Course: Can customize more than one course based on your learning/project needs.
  • Flexible Learning: You are entrusted with dedicated expertise that teaches you from scratch on availability from both sides.
  • Authenticate your skills: The entire course is on industrial demand assignments practice hence will be attested by work experience certificate.
  • Training Support: Providing support after training, if you face any difficulties in your practice, it will help you to find right solutions.
  • Delivery Language: it will be anyone based on your preferance such as , English, Hindi, Gujarati etc

Introduction to WEB Technology

What is Web?

Web Features?

W3C and W3C Members

Introduction to What Web Graphics

This training is to learn Base concept to advance to be Full Stack Developer with python MVC Framework.

Core Level HTML


Parts in HTML Document

Parts in HTML Document

Head Section

Meta Information


Body Section


Anchors, Images

Advance in HTML5



New Features and Groups

Structure of HTML5 Document

Power of HTML5 and Features

Semantics and Block Level Elements

HTML5 Forms

HTML5 Multimedia

HTML5 Graphics

Core CSS


CSS Basics

CSS Introduction

CSS Syntax

CSS Versions

CSS Id & Class

CSS Styling

Styling Backgrounds

Styling Text

Styling Fonts

CSS Borders

Advance CSS3


CSS3 Modules


Box Model

Backgrounds and Borders

Text Effects

2D/3D Transformations

Core & Adanced Animations

Multiple Column Layout and User Interface

Core part in JavaScript

What is Script? Types of Scripts?

Introduction to JavaScript

Comments and Types of Comments

Popup Boxes

Variables & Operators

JavaScript Functions and Events

Conditional Statements

Looping Control Statement

Advance JavaScript

Types of Errors

Exception Handling

Java Script Objects

Browser Objects

Validations in JS

Work With Core Python

Introduction to Python

History of Python

Features of Python and versions

How to Install Python

Creating Your First Python Program

Printing to the Screen

Reading Keyboard Input

Using Command Prompt and GUI or IDE

Different Modes in Python Development

Execute the Script

Interactive/Script Mode

Python Comments

Python New IDEs

PyCharm IDE

How to Work on PyCharm

PyCharm Components

Debugging process in PyCharm

SublimeText IDE

What is PIP?

Different Variables in Python

What is Variable?

Different Variables in Python

Constants in Python

Standard Data Types

Operators and Operands in python

Swap variables

Type Conversion

String Handling

Conditional Statements in Python

How to use “if condition” in conditional structures

if statement (One-Way Decisions)

if statement (One-Way Decisions)

How to use “else condition”

if ..elif .. else statement (Multi-way)

When “else condition” does not work

How to use “elif” condition

How to use “elif” condition

Nested IF Statement

LOOPS in Python

How to use “While Loop”

How to use “For Loop”

How to use For Loop for set of other things besides numbers

Break statements in For Loop

Continue statement in For Loop

Enumerate function for For Loop

Lists in Python

Lists are mutable

Getting to Lists

List indices

Traversing a list

List operations

List slices

List methods

Map, filter and reduce

Python and TUPLE

Advantages of Tuple over List

Packing and Unpacking

Comparing tuples

Creating nested tuple

Using tuples as keys in dictionaries

Deleting Tuples

Slicing of Tuple

Tuple Membership Test

Sets in Python

How to create a set?

Iteration Over Sets

Python Set Methods

Python Set Operations

Union of sets

Built-in Functions with Set

Python Dictionary

How to create a dictionary?

Python Hashing

Python Dictionary Methods

Copying/Updating dictionary

Delete Keys from the dictionary

Working with Dictionary items() Method

Sorting the Dictionary

Python Dictionary in-built Functions

Different Functions in Python

What is a Function?

How to define and call a function in Python

Types of Functions

Significance of Indentation (Space) in Python

How Function Return Value?

Types of Arguments in Functions

Default Arguments and Non-Default Arguments

Keyword Arguments and Non-keyword Arguments

Arbitrary Arguments

Rules to define a function in Python

Various Forms of Function Arguments

Scope and Lifetime of variables

Anonymous Functions/Lambda functions

map(), filter(), reduce() functions

More Advanced in Python

Python Exception Handling

Python Errors

Common RunTime Errors in PYTHON

Abnormal termination

Chain of importance Of Exception

Exception Handling

Try … Except

Try ..Except .. else

Try … finally

Class and Objects in Python

Introduction to OOPs Programming

Object Oriented Programming System

OOPS Principles

Basic concept of Object and Classes

Access Modifiers

How to define Python classes

Self-variable in python

What is Inheritance? Types of Inheritance?

How Inheritance works?

Regular Expressions in Python

What is Regular Expression?

Regular Expression Syntax

Understanding Regular Expressions

Regular Expression Patterns

Literal characters

Bootstrap (Mobile/Front-End Framework)

What is Responsive Web Designing?

Typography Features

Bootstrap Tables, Buttons, Dropdowns, Navbars

Bootstrap Images

Bootstrap Responsive utilities

Bootstrap Glyph icons

Grid Options

What is a Grid?

Responsive column resets

Offset columns

Nested columns

Bootstrap Grid System

What is Bootstrap Grid System?


Working of Bootstrap Grid System

Media Queries


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  • 6 months training duration

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  • +Unlimited placement, Dual job opportunity.

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