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Blockchain Apps Security

Security in Crypto Technology
Course Detail
Course Level: Beginner to Advanced
Course Duration: 1 to 3 Months | Approximately
Training Days: Flexible Schedule (Monday-Friday)
Training Time: 1 Session / Day (45min-1hr)
Course Mode: Dedicated Virtual class (Online)
Course Type: Skill Oriented Customised Training
Course Start On: On Registration | Within 5 working days
Class Size: 1 to 1 | No Groups | No Batch


  • Customized Course: Can customize more than one course based on your learning/project needs.
  • Flexible Learning: You are entrusted with dedicated expertise that teaches you from scratch on availability from both sides.
  • Authenticate your skills: The entire course is on industrial demand assignments practice hence will be attested by work experience certificate.
  • Training Support: Providing support after training, if you face any difficulties in your practice, it will help you to find right solutions.
  • Delivery Language: it will be anyone based on your preferance such as , English, Hindi, Gujarati etc

Fundamental Security in Blockchain

Cryptography for the Blockchain

Brief Introduction to Blockchain

Security Assumptions

Limitations of Blockchain Security

This training is to learn Blockchain Development App Security and this course can be customize as per development requirement and will update time to time while enroll with this program.

Consensus in the Blockchain Apps

Blockchain Consensus & Byzantine Generals, Security

Proof of Work

Proof of Stake

Blockchain Consensus Algorithms

Advanced Security Mechanisms

Architectural Security Measures

Permissioned Blockchains and Checkpointing

Advanced Cryptographic Solutions

Multiparty Signatures

Stealth Addresses

Ring Signatures

Confidential Transactions

Smart Contract Security in Blockchain

Introduction Smart Contracts

Smart Contract Code Auditing

Smart Contract Security Considerations

Blockchain Security Implementations

Blockchain Risk Considerations and Assessment

Regulatory Requirements

Blockchain Architectural Design

Basic Blockchain Security

User Security

Node Security

Network Security

Blockchain Security for Business

Introduction to Ethereum Security

Introduction to Hyperledger Security

Introduction to Corda Security

Implementing Secure Business Blockchains

Business Operations

Data Management


Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Network-Level Vulnerabilities and Attacks


Replay Attacks

Routing Attacks

Sybil Attacks

Denial of Service Attacks

Eclipse Attacks

System-Level Vulnerabilities & Attacks

The Bitcoin Hack

The EOS Vulnerability

The Verge Hack

Smart Contract Vulnerabilities & Attacks


Access Control and Arithmetic

Race Conditions

Bad Randomness

Timestamp Dependence

Unchecked Return Values

Denial of Service

Short Addresses

Security of Alternative DLT Architectures

Introduction to DAG-Based DLTs

Limitations of DAG-Based DLTs

Advantages of DAG-Based DLTs


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  • 6 months training duration

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