6 Things You Should Avoid In Your Resume

For job seekers resume may be the most important document they required. After all it creates overall imaginary personality of the applicant in the minds of employer.CV is first important step towards lending your dream job.

So, it is important to get it right. As it is the indication of your personality one is trying to adding everything that he achieved during life. But be realistic if you adding unnecessary information it will be mess. Companies are taking number of applications to select that one candidate. So it must be unique without having a single mistake.

How to generate resume without having a single mistake???

Here we are coming with several tips to avoid unnecessary things in your resume.

We are going along with the structure of Resume.The main body parts of resume are Title, objective, Brief overview or Summary, Work Experience, Academics and Personal details.It may differ as field changes. But ideally these all things are must.

1) Avoiding Things For Resume Title:

Resume title is short phrase that highlights your value as a candidate. A title allows a recruiter to see quickly and concisely what makes you right person for the job. So, it must be an error free. Then what to keep in mind for resume title?

i) "The alphabet CV":

You must not write CV. Generally one should not use Acronyms for title. Even curriculum vitae is also a wrong title. By checking the document recruiter is able to find that the document is of resume. You should write your name in the title which tells that the document is belongs to you.

ii) Long name:

Name should not be too long. You can shorten it by your first name and the last name. You can add your father name's initials in between your first and last. It should be top of the page. Right align or center align is up to you. It should not be lengthy, decorative, unprofessional, and too much creative.

iii)Not matching title:

The title must be match to the job you are applying to. If your resume has different title then it seems like you are applying for a different job. It will shows your laziness. It creates bad impression.

iii)Not matching title:

Do not stick photograph unless you applied for a foreign job. It takes too much space. Rather you should write your skills and experience in detail. Or if recruiter has asked to stick then stick it with gum. Do not staple it. It would create wrong impact if it get pierce to recruiter.

So, Keep things into consideration to avoid mistakes in resume title.

2) Avoiding Things For Resume Objectives:

Career objective is short and targeted statement which outlines your career direction. It is the indication of position for which recruiter is exactly searching for. Several common mistakes job seekers make while writing resume objectives. It should be corrected.

i) Using the same objective for every job application:

Same objective for all the job application do not grab the attention of the recruiter. Some job seekers are copying other's objective or download from the internet it must not be like that. You have to search the company first where you want to apply and study their goals.

If it is suitable for you then fit yourself into the specific position for which you want to apply in that company. Then you can write objective exactly as recruiter is looking for.

ii) Being too generic and vague:

(a) It should not be too general with same sentences and phrases that all can use it. Be specific with your knowledge and skills. Quickly impress recruiter with your skills and prove how you are a perfect fit for this job position.

(b) It should not be one sided only. You should not write your goals only. You should consider the aspect of "Why company should select you?" What you can give to the company? Briefly explain it with the perspective of mutual growth.

iii) Too long:

It should not be too long that recruiter may get bored. This is not the novel. It is the quick little blurb to grab the attention, so they call you for an interview. Then you can get into more detail.

iv) Not realistic:

You should state your realistic goals. Which you can accomplish in real. Do not blunder about your goals. do not cheat with company by showing idealistic goals which you cannot even think of achieving. Set your career graph and decide goals as per experience level. It is good that you have clear idea of where you want to be in next five years. You can show this but it should have reality.

Avoiding these pitfalls will ensure that your objective is powerful and crave recruiter to read further.

3) Avoiding Things For Brief Overview Or Summary:

It is also called as career summary or executive summary. It pertains not only what you can give but also what you are. Opportunity to show your accomplishment and what makes you different from the other candidate. A right resume summary influence potential recruiter positively so, do not include unnecessary things.

i) Stretch:

Do not lengthen it with unnecessary information. Keep it short and concise. If you write in bullet points then maximum 5 to 6 bullets preferable. For sentences take care its flow. you can write as small introduction of yourself. Frame small, simple and easy sentences. Recruiter is not trying to understand your analogy.

ii) Misguide:

Do not misguide the recruiter by quoting wrong accomplishments. Do not shy for what you have achieved. Use words like "assisted," "helped," "contributed" etc if you are part of events. By this way you can show your teamwork ability.

iii) Talking about goals:

Goals are already written. Do not repeat it in summary. Write how you can able to perform the job better than others? What qualities are in you which prevent others to occupy for job. How you can "Sell yourself." Your resume is marketing reference for you. Highlight qualification effectively.

iv) Passive voice:

Always use active voice in your resume. Your career accomplishment is exciting. Do use active voice for make it more live.

v) Label free:

Most of the candidates are not writing for which post they have applied. Write it clearly. If you have not written it your resume will be misplaced in the pile of papers just because recruiter does not able to find your applied post. write clearly your job post.

Sometimes resume summary is an optional but preferable. These are the common mistakes occur in resume summary. Rectify it and make your summary perfect, precise and easy to sell.

4) Avoiding Things For Resume "Experience":

One should be very careful in showing experience of work. It adds value to get the job. Experience must not be in age only it should be in terms of knowledge, skills and achievements. Only relevant experience counts for the job you have applied for. So, avoid these things to make your experience portion worth reading.

i) Irrelevant experiences:

Do not show irrelevant experiences for the job. State only those experiences which is helpful to perform current job well. Other experiences are not valid if they are not adding value to the applied job. If Company has no use of your experience for the position you have applied for, then no need to write it.

ii) Without Proof:

Do not write those years of experiences which you cannot prove. If you have written you have worked in XYZ company for 2 years, then you must have experience letter of that company. Then you can definitely add it. Do not make fake experiences. It will be easily identified. After all you will be get in trouble when you actually allocated position. Take far sighted approach. It is the matter of your career.

iii) Employment gap:

(a) For an example, If you have worked for 2 years in one software company as PHP developer and after the 2 years you have tried for whole 1 year to set your personal business and it does not get success. So you start applying for job. Later you could not show 3 years of experience. You can honestly add what you have done in this one year. You have worked for various clients. Some efforts are there to make your personal business grow. so describe that experience. May company get benefit from it.

(b) In other case if you are a fresher and for 1 whole year you are not able to achieve your dream job then show your practical knowledge in the field and if you have worked as freelance add those experiences.

iv) Forget to add social media link:

Most of the candidates forget to add social media link like LinkedIn. You can add its URL. But it should be up-to-date. So it will be easy for recruiter to find you and your experiences. They can directly tally to the company you have worked for. It will create good impression.

So, these are the things you must avoid in your resume experience.

5) Avoiding Things For Resume Academics:

Academics are not the main part of the resume. Because over the times experience and skills works. Whether you have completed your degree from foreign institution or local it does not matter. It is the skills which makes you local or global.Academics are like "hygiene factors" which have no influence with having best ones but its absence hinder the applicant to get shortlisted. So, academic knowledge is must to get a good job.

i) Where to place:

If you have more than 2 years of experience in the field then place experience first then academics. If you have less experience then place academics first and later comes experience.

If you have good experience of work then you can show it in the list format with degree name, completed year, grade, and university /Board. If your academics are strong then make tabular format where you can place each degree with its specification.

ii) Wrong Order:

Do not follow the pattern of low to high for resume order. Start from the latest degree that you have achieved may be masters or PhD and go down with bachelors and schooling along with your year of completion. So, recruiter is able to decide right candidate for the job. State from which university or Board you have completed your each degree. Provide complete information of yours.

iii) Grades:

Do Not show grades for every year. Show your grades for each degree. Do not show wrong percentages and grades. Be honest.

iv) Incomplete degree:

If you have abounded your education then show only for the completed years. Do not make blunders. When they asked for document submission it will be come out.

So, by avoiding these things you can get your academics part ready.

6) Avoiding Things For Personal Details:

Personal details is important part of the resume. It should be rightly filled. Recruiter will get the brief idea about you.

i) Name:

Event though you have written your name in the title add full name in the personal detail Column. Middle name is optional but you can write initial. Do not forget to add full stop punctuation after writing initial letter.

ii) Date-of-birth:

Do not use wrong format of date. use dd/mm/yy structure of date if you want to use. Otherwise you can omit it. Because age discrimination should not be practiced any more after Equality Act of 2010. So, it is optional. But if you adding it, add it in right format.

iii) Forget about marital status and family:

Do not forget to add your true supporters' name. And update it as per it changes. By writing this recruiter will get the idea about working hours, flexibility and responsibilities. so, he can allocate task accordingly.

iv) Hesitation of giving Contact details:

Do not add your office phone number or landline phone number. Give your personal mobile number which you have with you every time. If you worried that you may get call while working then sent a leave message to call later.

v) Two address:

Specially people who are migrant from their home they are writing two addresses. Their current address and permanent address. One should write Name, designation, contact number and email address. Sometimes address is not necessary if you have given application letter for the job. Address is optional

vi) Sketchy Email address:

It must not sketchy. It create wrong impression in the mind of recruiter. Choose your professional email address for job. It should contain your first name, last name, and some digits only. Or you can add degree over it.

So, these are the tips to avoid mistakes in resume to make it impressive. Resume mistakes are ruined overall resume information and make it unattractive.So, make error free resume and be ready to get your dream job.

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