10 Steps to Start Automation Testing QA Training

To start automation testing first of all you must have the prior knowledge of manual testing least 1 year of experience on manual testing.Person should be aware of when to automate or not automate the test cases. Here if the cost increases or no benefits are there to Automate There is no need to automate. Even if the automation is there manual testing is performed at the system level testing or at Acceptance Testing.

There is some pre- requisite to start automation.

  • 1) Knowledge of Manual testing : user should have prior knowledge of manual testing and at least one year of experience in manual testing. Manual testing experience is beneficial automation testing which create the Thought process for testing. Which build psychology of testing to the person.
  • 2) Prior knowledge of programming language : user should have basic knowledge of java or other programming language,other languages such as perl, vb, ruby are also beneficial.
  • 3) programming experience : Hands on experience on programming language is beneficial.if any other prior programming experience is there then it is beneficial because handson experience matters.
  • 4) knowledge of smoke and sanity testing : Automation is generally used for smoke testing. So person must have the knowledge of smoke and sanity testing. Smoke testing is testing performed after each build release. At the initial build released. Ans Sanity is at end builds.
  • 5) knowledge of Integration testing : You must have knowledge of integration testing where automation is mainly used.Integration testing the the while solving the defect from one module it it get affected on different relevant module need to verify.
  • 6) Risk based analysis : person should able to identify risk in the software because test should be automated first.
  • 7) knowledge of scripting language : knowledge of scripting language such as javascript or vbscript is advantageous.Other scripting languages are allowed such as javascript.
  • 8) knowledge that what is automation : basic knowledge related to automation at the initial stage is advantageous.
  • 9) decide the tool : it is good that which is beneficial for learning the Automation and stick to that tool.There are lots of tool available selenium ,QTP,silkTest, Testcomplete etc.
  • 10) Quick learning capability : It is good if you have quick learning capability. And eager to learn new things.
  • 11) Introspection: While coding introspection to finding the defect is beneficial.Try to do the root cause analysis.
  • 12) Problem solving approach :You should have problem solving approach while dealing with errors.
  • 13) Critical Thinking : You should have critical thinking capability. Strategic thinking is also important Use these best practices to ensure that your testing is successful and you get the maximum return on investment (ROI).
  • To start automation things should be taken care
  • 1. Decide what Test Cases to Automate
  • 2. Test Early and Test Often
  • 3. Select the Right Automated Testing Tool
  • 4. Divide your Automated Testing Efforts
  • 5. Create Good, Quality Test Data
  • 6. Create Automated Tests that are Resistant to Changes in the. Automation testing is good alternative for manual testing for some circumstances. It also have some drawback in terms of cost and trained people.

What you will get

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  • Beginner to Advanced

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